KOSOVO 2.0's latest and last print issue, back to where it all started

It's funny how things evolve. When we started in 2008, we were focussed on designing identities, books, posters, campaigns and became well-known for it. But times have changed. Working for, became working with. And rather than focussing on the outside, we focus more and more on the inside.

Re:Creating Europe's main location De Balie, Amsterdam

What is an idea, organisation or company about? How do you stay interesting? What's next? Projects are more and more about connecting people. It's no longer solely about selling or telling a story: the dialogue became crucial. Getting people together. Share experiences.


An interesting mix of cultural, commercial and non-profit clients brought us to all kinds of places and sectors. From a theatre festival on Terschelling to the start-up scene in Brooklyn. From governments, banks and pension funds to science labs and experimental music festivals.

Dressing the city with Julidans festival

On our way, we found that it doesn't matter if you are a financial institute or a good cause, city council, university, news paper or performance stage, everyone wants the same: create impact.

100% Amsterdam exposition at Amsterdam Museum

Everyone wants to leave behind something meaningful and memorable, whether it's making a niche more accessible, or showing new insights on a well known story.

Cinéma Arabe
ABN AMRO Insights live at Ahoy Rotterdam

We've experienced that one thing leads to another, so that must count for you too. Get out there. Bring on a show! We can't wait.

Oerol 2016