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22 January 2016

De Grote Kunstshow / The Big Art Show

De Grote Kunstshow. A fascinating introduction to the rebellious contemporary art from the KRC Collection, from Rattan Chadha. Hardly ever exhibited, but very much worth seeing.

‘When you gather around a piece of art for ten minutes with three hundred people, the experience becomes much more intensive.’

03 December 2015

New Identity
Forum on European Culture

We made a new identity for Forum on European Culture, An initiative by DutchCulture & De Balie.

LINK: Forum on European Culture

15 September 2015

New identity for Bellevue Lunchtheater

Every play its own typography.
Photo by Lonneke van der Palen

15 June 2015

''Amsterdam and Brooklyn; we are both the root and the seed of coolness''

It's official: Northside Festival Brooklyn is coming to Amsterdam. Van Lennep's Hugo just signed a partnership with the Stedman brothers, the founders of Northside Festival.
In the words of Brooklyn mayor Eric Adams: ''Amsterdam and Brooklyn; we are both the root and the seed of coolness'',
To be continued.

See the news item here (AT5)

05 February 2015


We made a videoclip on behalf of Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam to promote Katie Mitchell's theatre play 'The Forbidden Zone' (11th, 12th + 13th of february).

03 February 2015


B won a prestigious award for the best ‘patient magazine’ of holland. The magazine for women/men with breast cancer.
We’ll like to thank the photographers and illustrators who helped us to make this magazine so beautiful.

Check it out here

Ulrike Schmidt (Meander Media)
Robin de Puy
Deborah van der Schaaf
Martijn de Vries
Gerritjan Huinink
Teska Overbeeke
Jonas Löllmann
Suzanne Blanchard
Anneke Hymmen

15 January 2015

Fresh Off
the Press
100% Amsterdam book

On behalf of ECF (European Cultural Foundation) and German Theatre company Rimini Protokoll we designed this tiny, bold, red book. 252 pages full of Amsterdam cultural diversity for your pocket. - did you know that there are 178 different nationalities living in Amsterdam?!

03 December 2014



This morning the opening of 100% Amsterdam exhibition took place at Amsterdam Museum. Next to the exhibition design we did a 252 pages book, posters and an animation.

Get your tickets for the 100% Amsterdam theatre play at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam here:


14 October 2014


Since short time we have a RISO printing machine at our studio. The first print run is already finished: a poster for Amsterdam based photographer Yamandu Roos's exhibition in Berlin (17th october Kominek Gallery). More to follow…

07 October 2014

WE MADE AN ANIMATION FOR 100% AMSTERDAM Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Accompanying book and exhibition to follow soon!

see the animation here:

06 October 2014


Happy and proud to discover the new issue of KOSOVO 2.0 magazine at our favourite local newsstand. Go and get a copy of issue #7 'Migration' yourself!
Also available via:

03 October 2014


Our Queen came specially to Amsterdam to open Micropia.
We’re very proud to make the visual identity for Micropia.
Micropia is the world’s first museum of micro-organisms, the invisible and most powerful life forms on earth.
Come and see for your self!

24 June 2014

@Northside Brooklyn

21 March 2014


This week in Adformatie, a nice article about 5 years Van Lennep and our way of doing business.

> read the article here

13 March 2014


Some say
it was Banksy,
All we know is...

16 December 2013


Thank you all for helping us celebrate 5 years of Van Lennep in our brand new studio! For all who could't be there, here's a view of half of our studio, curious about the other half? come by and have a coffee and a cigarette...

22 October 2013

Balkart /
Balkan Kunst

Fresh off the press: Kosovo magazine 'Balkart'.
For the first time published in four different languages.
Next to the regular language versions English, Albanian and Serbian this time there is also a German version.
Made on the occasion of Culturescapes Balkan 2013.

For more information check

17 October 2013

New Born

New campaign for the website of Hank. Photographed by Wim te Brake. Lots of thanks to little baby Kaate. see more

17 September 2013

New at van Lennep: MIRIAM!

We're happy to have a new face at Van Lennep.
Just graduated from school, our former intern Miriam started working for us.
Welcome Miriam!

06 September 2013

New Identity for 'het Nationale Toneel'

We've designed a brand new Identity for the biggest Dutch theater company; het Nationale Toneel.
Strong black and white photography of the actor's by Barrie Hullegie, combined with five “Nationale Toneel”-colors. And bold typography makes the new identity; Fresh, catchy and powerfull.
We also created the new identity for NTjong, het Nationale Toneel's youth theatre, using the same elements in a slightly different way. Soon more about NTjong.

11 July 2013

Pink Ribbon Annual Report 2012-2013

This years annual report of breast-cancer charity organisation Pink Ribbon is anything but frivolous.
Clear visualisation of the content was a key demand, telling the story of people dealing with the disease a necessity.
How to get the maximum out of ordinary Wire-O binding was our challenge.

Accompanied by six beautiful Koos Breukel portraits.

11 June 2013

French Fries and Philosophy

An atypical website for men.
Check it at

01 March 2013

Rearranging Content

We made a new visual identity for Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. Here are the first examples. The theatre’s need for a strong and clear visual concept has been answered by using two prominently placed yellow bars. These two bars are solely used for brand communication. As these elements are so visually powerful, the most diverse programmes can be communicated effectively in the space remaining, without cluttering the overall identity.

See the whole Stadsschouwburg case here

25 January 2013

Restyling of Nu Sport magazine

— New Record: Restyling, and production first issue of NU SPORT MAGAZINE in one month.

Off course, we couldn't make this happen without a good collaboration with Rogier and Jasper (Sanoma) and Marcel (Super Earth ). Thanx and already looking forward to #2!

Check it out at your local newsstand.

06 December 2012

Sex in our minds..

Van Lennep just sent a new stunning 200-page monster of a K2.0 magazine to our favorite Kosovar Printshop (Raster Printing Pristina).
The 4th issue is dedicated solely to the topic 'sex'.
We are very curious about the result and can't wait to hold it in our hands!

PS: the magazine will be shipped worldwide through and will be available in selected shops in the Netherlands.

21 November 2012

Stadsschouwburg Journal featuring monumental portaits by
Barrie Hullegie

Out now the winter issue of Stadsschouwburg Journal. Internationally acclaimed photographer Barrie Hullegie did a fantastic job! Black and white portraits of actors Halina Reijn, Karina Smulders, Gijs Scholten van Aschat and Mark Rietman.

31 October 2012

Got inspired
by Dutch punk 'n reggae band
(just do it)

A play about an era with neon colours, crazy haircuts, some bodymodifications and a fascinating love for the word ANTI. We just did it for stadsschouwburg amsterdam.

15 October 2012

Red Dot Award for Van Lennep

Red Dot Award for Van Lennep

For the 'Stadschouwburg Journaal', the quarterly paper by the Stadschouwburg Amsterdam, Van Lennep has won a Red Dot Award.
We are very proud and would like to thank everyone who made this possible with us. Champagne!

Since we will attend the award ceremony in Berlin together we'd like to inform you that we are closed from 24th to 26th of october.

21 September 2012

Anniversary book for Art Directors Club Nederland & JCDecaux

Anniversary book celebrating 45 years of outdoor ads
For ADCN (Art Directors' Club of the Netherlands) and JC Decaux, this special publication brings together the best outdoor ads of recent history. Every ad in the book is introduced with an image detail of the original, to scale, creating engaging, almost abstract visuals. A collector's item for ad fans.

14 August 2012

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam Journal

—new journal!
with a beautiful contribution of wizard of art: Kalle Matson
how to get this masterpiece? Off you go to the Stadsschouwburg!

12 July 2012

Quest Psychologie by Van Lennep

—On Sale Now! Today in the bookstore: the new Quest Psychologie. Van Lennep did the complete restyling of this magazine, run to the store and see it for yourself!

16 March 2012


We are happy to announce that photographer Martijn de Vries is nominated for this years PANL award. He made this photo on behalf of van Lennep, namely for B magazine (client: borstkankervereninging Nederland).

Congratulation Martijn!

13 March 2012


The IPKO website. IPKO is the biggest telecom company of Kosovo.
Van Lennep made the new design of the site and built it.
Take a look:

06 March 2012

Turn the heat on II

The accompanying video we made for Brandhaarden / Münchner Kammerspiele / Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

05 March 2012

Turn the heat on

Famous theater company ‘Münchner Kammerspiele‘ comes over soon for a special visit at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. For that special occassion we thought it would be a good idea to burn an bavarian icon, namely: die Lederhose.
Thanks to Fulco Smit Roeters for this special photo and sorry for the accompanying odor- and smoke harassment. We think it was really worth it.